Freshman, Game Recap

Pennbrook 5 Cardinals Fr 4 on a 7th inning walkoff

16 4 8 Upper Mer FR 18The Upper Dublin Flying Cardinals arrived at Pennbrook Middle School coming in with a 2-0 record. The game started slowly when Alex Goldenberg got picked off by lefty Valenti.  The 2nd inning was much more productive for the Cards. Jared Lamberg, Chris Greve, and Alex Goldenberg each earned RBIs during this inning. This gave the Cardinals a 3-0 lead.
Chris Greve was given the start for the Cardinals. During this game, Greve managed to let the Knights only get four hits over 4.2 innings.
The Knights got lucky in the fifth inning, as they recorded some walks and hits. They managed to earn four runs, making the score 4-4.  In the bottom of the seventh inning, T. Schulze managed to get to third base two singles by his teammates. While at third, Elliot hit a sacrifice fly, which caused Schulze to score the winning run. In all, both teams showed amazing performance and skills on the field. This loss moves the Cardinals to 2-1 on the year. Hopefully, they can increase their win percentage on Wednesday as they take on Pennridge High School at home.
Submitted By Ryan Levinson, Freshman team manager.